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hansford county courthouse
Burn Ban Has Been Rescinded as of 6/28/2018
Hansford County has exceeded 20 active COVID-19 cases. According to GA-29 (Governor Greg Abbott's Executive Order number 29), all counties with 20 or more active COVID19 cases must wear facial coverings while inside any commercial business building.

I have contacted the Texas Division of Emergency Management  to withdraw our exemption from GA-29. Hansford County will now be under the orders from the Governor and comply with the use of facial coverings.

With cases on the rise, it is our hope that the use of masks will help to slow the spread of COVID 19. Some that have tested negative for coronavirus have been diagnosed with strep, which is highly contagious as well. 

We have opted out when we legally could and cases continued to rise. Now that we have to comply with the Governor's order, I ask that you do it for others. I ask that you think of those that are older or with compromised health. I ask that you consider the fact that you might be the asymptomatic person that is infecting someone else.

Please be safe and be considerate of others.

Benny D. Wilson
Hansford County Judge